Welcome to Abundance. We are so pleased you found us.

The dream behind Abundance is a simple, basic endeavor in the midst of a complex social equation.

We simply wish to provide a forum for people of size and their admirers to congregate, to socialize, to exchange ideas and beliefs, and to become familiar with what it is like on the other side of the fence. What seems like a simple concept becomes a novelty when intertwined with the complexities and the assorted power struggles of the size community. While there are many personal sites that are geared towards promoting size acceptance and self-esteem, what was lacking was a mainstream size forum for like-minded people to express themselves without the fear of censorship and/or belittlement.

Abundance was born from the desire to span a yawning chasm that had developed within the size community from forces within and without our movement. A large contingent of the movement's well-meaning individuals has sought to steer it along the lines of their own beliefs. While any movement must have a core ideology, these beliefs have extended into the realm of personal acceptance. In essence, people whose concepts of self-acceptance differed from others were told their help in fighting size discrimination was no longer needed. There is also a contingent of individuals whose priorities lie in promoting their own personal agendas both subtly and blatantly.

We feel it is important that each person be allowed to find whatever lifestyle choices they deem appropriate in their journey in finding self-acceptance. There is a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of dieting, weight loss surgery and eating healthily. It is our fundamental belief that what is right is no more and no less what the individual feels is right for him/herself. The best thing that we can give a brother and sister is all the knowledge and experience we have at our disposal to those who have faced the same challenges. And then, no matter what decision has been made, to always give love and support. Abundance supports each individual to find his/her own personal avenue for self-esteem without contentious judgment from others.

Abundance will always hold true to the concept of changing laws within our society that foster bias and discrimination. Varying methods of self-acceptance aside, we believe fighting discrimination through legal means should always be the true focus of the size movement.

We also believe in the power and the freedom of an open mind being able to express itself. We feel that the cumulative power of like-minded individuals expressing themselves opens the path for conquering all obstacles that lie within this community. The free and unhindered exchange of knowledge and experiences are empowering unto themselves. To this end, we hope to celebrate life by presenting contributions of art, photography and writing by those in our community. We feel the art of creating is embracing life itself and it fosters self-esteem and pride of the people who are integral part of our special community. By expressing oneself through the act of creation, a person can express their individuality and not feel the crush of stereotyping and bias. To this end, we always welcome contributions from artists and writers who want to share their joy of creation. As the site grows, you can expect more and more talent to be lovingly showcased here. So if you are a writer or artist, please email our Webmistress.

We will know our dream will have caught root and grown when we look across the height and breadth of the Internet and see thousands of Abundances. That is our wish. Enjoy!

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